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Safe and Sober Living

Welcome to Just for Today, a sober-living community. With a focus on accountability and mutual  support, we strive to provide the necessary tools you need to establish and maintain long-term  recovery from addiction. We are a team of professionals who draw upon our years of treatment  experience, personal success and failure, and a solid working knowledge of the recovery process to help men struggling with addiction achieve long-term sobriety.  

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To help those seeking recovery from addiction build a foundation for lasting change

What is "Safe and Sober Living"?

WHAT IS “SAFE AND SOBER LIVING”? Safe and sober living is just that  – a safe and sober place for you to live during the “transitional period” of your recovery journey.  We provide a clean, structured environment and offer the support and guidance you need to focus  on your transformation and achieve your potential as you learn to live a clean and sober lifestyle.


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Lucas Donaldson

Owner & Manager

Casey Ames


Cassidy Zoellner