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Program Specifics

12 Step Recovery Emphasis

We suggest a sponsor to help you work the 12-step recovery program. A sponsor will be  someone who has worked the steps and has experience guiding and mentoring others on their personal journey to long-lasting recovery. Your sponsor will meet with you weekly to progress  through the steps and learn the necessary tools and principles you need to achieve sustainable sobriety. In addition, you will attend weekly meetings with other residents and sponsors. At the  meetings, you will have an opportunity to share the successes and failures you are encountering on your journey and hear others’ stories. These meetings are also a great way to gain insight and to better understand your progress while making new friends and enjoying the fellowship of others in recovery.

You will also have the opportunity to join a “home-group,” a 12-step meeting that you feel comfortable attending frequently. Joining this home-group allows you to connect with others in recovery for support and  accountability. 

Finally, you can volunteer in your home-group by obtaining a service commitment. This is an opportunity to serve others in recovery at the meeting. It’s a way to give back and help people like yourself learn more about the principles of responsibility and commitment. 

Daily Meditation and Reflections

  1. You will participate in daily morning meditation and reflection meetings.
  2. Each resident is given the opportunity to read from a 12-step inspired daily devotional and  discuss a topic.  
  3. Then residents take turns sharing how they feel about the message and their own  experiences with the topic, and how it can be applied in their lives. 
  4. After this, we take turns to share our plans for the day and the specific recovery goal we  would like to achieve.

House Accountability Meetings

  1. We meet as a group to discuss our journey in recovery every Sunday morning. We also  discuss our meeting attendance and our progress in the 12 steps. 
  2. The accountability meeting is an open forum where residents can encourage one another and offer insight into areas where an individual might learn or grow. 
  3. Staff members offer personal direction and guidance to residents and encourage them to  share their feelings, experiences, and any fears or concerns they have about Just for Today or their personal program. 

Our Facility


  • We offer a clean, comfortable home with an environment that supports recovery. 
  •  We provide beds, bedding, dressers, and nightstands. 
  • Washer, dryer, BBQ grill, cooking appliances, and housewares are available for use by residents. 
  • We provide coffee, milk, eggs, and other basic cooking/food items. 
  •  We furnish the home with cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and other sundries.  Internet, cable, and all utilities are included. 
  • Common room, 2-man rooms, and 1-man room options are available.


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