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lucas donaldson

Lucas Donaldson, owner and manager of Just Today Sober Living, has over 10 years of successful recovery. His path in recovery initially led him to a professional role as a sober house manager. 

During his graduate studies, Lucas cofounded Students and Other Broncos Enjoying Recovery (SOBER) @Boise State. Due to his outreach on campus, he was offered a position as a sober house manager for an addiction treatment program in the Boise area. In late 2015, he opened a sober house of his own and called it Just Today, because “today is all we have, and focusing on today is an essential concept to maintaining sobriety.”

Lucas’s professional role is an important component of his own recovery. Since opening Just Today, he completed a Bachelor of Science Nursing degree and a Master of Health Science Evaluation and Research degree. In addition to his work as a sober house manager, Lucas practices as a registered nurse in psychiatric and behavioral health, medical/surgical, labor and delivery, and mother/baby. “There is a similarity to clinical approaches across specialties—people are people and nursing has helped me to become more well rounded.” 

His formal academic training and knowledge of theory and best practices enhance his personal experience in the clinical setting as a person in recovery from addiction. “Effective treatment incorporates the family and other social support systems. Sober housing is an integral component of aftercare. Sober house managers have an important role in communicating with the client and coordinating care with the family and treatment team. 

I am blessed to have co-managers who came through my house as clients and remained to contribute to a healthy, recovery-oriented tone. We have lived the nightmare of addiction and are able to attest to the miracle of recovery.”

casey ames

Casey Ames, Manager of Just Today Sober Living has learned through extensive personal experience in detox facilities, treatment centers, and sober houses what works in recovery. 

Casey was faced with the grief of losing individuals close to him due to their addictions. He understands on the deepest level what is at stake. Casey was asked to describe the turning point for him. “I learned the mechanics of treatment and recovery a long time ago, but the turning point came through a sense of spirituality…I had to change my perception. In my grief, I came to the realization that I could no longer blame the world for my problems. That’s when I started to get honest and do the work.” 

Casey came to live at Just Today as a client in 2016. He quickly demonstrated passion for the process and leadership qualities. Once he was on his feet and ready to move out, Lucas asked him to stay and help manage the house. Casey agreed and now models his own recovery for the other house members. 

He sets high standards of honesty, communication and accountability. He takes the time to get to know each client, speaks regularly with their families and other supporters, and coordinates care with their counselors and other clinicians. 

“Recovery is a lifestyle. At the sober house we make the most of our short time together and help the guys to develop the tools that will keep them sober for the rest of their lives.”

cassidy zoellner


Cassidy is a recent addition to the team at Just Today, he serves the men at the house as resident manager by facilitating many of the day to day activities. 

Cassidy got his start with Just Today as a resident. His willingness to serve and his level of gratitude were key factors in his ability to find happiness and peace of mind in recovery. 

“Just Today was a great place for me to really focus on my recovery. It was truly a blessing in my life to be able to take some time and work on myself.